How to Get iPhone 7 (Plus) Add MKV Movies for Playing

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus become ideal for everyone who enjoys to watch videos (MKVs in particular) on their iPhone due to outstanding colours with a new powerful A10 chip. Probably the best way to enjoy that new display is to put super high-quality movies on it, right? Well.. yes but Apple still doesn’t make it easy for us when it comes to transferring .MKV to our iPhones or iPads. In this article, we quickly walk you through a way how to play MKV on iPhone 7 (Plus) with the best quality.

Actually, solution is never far behind. What you need to do is to convert MKV to iPhone 7 compatible MP4, MOV, M4V format. The process for converting MKV to iPhone is simple and won’t takes us more than 3 steps as along as you get a video converter app like Brorsoft Video Mate or Video Mate for Mac. Continue reading “How to Get iPhone 7 (Plus) Add MKV Movies for Playing”