How to Play MKV in QuickTime on Mac (MacOS Sierra)

MKV is a universal media container that gives you a great viewer experience. And you can easily access various sorts of MKV files for free. However, many QuickTime users are disappointed to find out that QuickTime, Apple’s main video player, doesn’t play MKV files natively. In this article, we will briefly illustrate the causes and then give some methods to help you open and play MKV files in QuickTime freely.

As you know MKV is a container format, not a specific type of file. When QuickTime opens an .mkv file, it checks to see which codecs were used to encode the audio and video tracks within it. If both the audio and the video were compressed using a codec that QuickTime can use, the file will play normally. On the contrary, provided that the audio or video or both were created using codecs that QuickTime cannot use, you may see a message like the following: Continue reading “How to Play MKV in QuickTime on Mac (MacOS Sierra)”

Top 5 MKV Players for Mac 2016-2017

MKV format is popular with various kinds of HD videos, but the drawback is that it is hard to play MKV in QuickTime Player or iTunes on Mac OS X. That’s why users start searching for an alternative MKV player for Mac. And in this article, we’d like to present top 5 MKV Players for Mac (including macOS Sierra) and give them a detailed review.

A List of Top 5 Best MKV Players for Mac:

Top 1. VLC Continue reading “Top 5 MKV Players for Mac 2016-2017”