MKV File No Audio in PowerDirector – Solution

I have a Movie in MKV format that I import into PowerDirector 11 and then drag it into the timeline and only the video shows up in the timeline. I have other videos I import into PowerDirector in other formats and the audio is attached to the video when i drag them into the timeline but not MKV files. The MKV file works fine using VLC and Windows Media Player, both audio and video. Any solution to fix MKV no audio in PowerDirector issue?

After reading several different posts here I put together a working workflow. Actually, MKV as a container format is not an editor friendly format. That’s the basic reason why Cyberlink PowerDirector can’t import MKV files correctly. In order to import MKV files to PowerDirector for editing, it is necessary to convert MKV to PowerDirector supported format like MPEG2. Continue reading “MKV File No Audio in PowerDirector – Solution”