MKV No Sound? Solved Yet

Whenever playing MKV files on computer, phones, tablets or TVs, a common issue is always around us- No Sound Playing MKV Files. This article just aims to help you fast solve the MKV no sound issue. Get tips now.

First let’s look at some common issues when playing MKV files but no sound. Continue reading “MKV No Sound? Solved Yet”

How to Solve VLC Not Playing MKV Files Issues

Whether you are downloading videos from the Internet or if you get video files from other people, there is a high chance that you will come across MKV files. To play MKV files, one of the common choice is VLC media player. Whereas, when using VLC to play MKV videos, problems always occur: sound issues, video lagging and shaky, no pictures… This article provides detailed instruction on solving MKV in VLC playback issues. Read on to get some tips to play MKV in VLC perfectly without any trouble.

Based on our multiple testing and some guys feedback in VLC forum, we’ve figure out 4 possible solutions to VLC MKV playback issues. Continue reading “How to Solve VLC Not Playing MKV Files Issues”