How to Merge/Split MKV Files Easily?

Usually we will make some recordings or download some MKV videos with some splitted clips or with a big one file. For smoothly playing and editing, we would like to join or split them. In this case, we need a software which focuses on combining or splitting MKV files easily. Now i share two software, professionalized in merging and splitting, so you can get MKV video files split or join freely as you want.

When recommending the software in this category, we take into consideration the following basic requirements:

Ease of use: convenient and precise selections, cutting out or trimming choices, keyboard shortcuts.
Performance: fast and accurate results without re-encoding videos unnecessarily.
Input formats: the more the better. Some freeware only accept one or two formats when others accept many more.
Features: some tools specialize in one job, others may allow you to split, join or trim videos within a single program. Continue reading “How to Merge/Split MKV Files Easily?”