Importing MKV to Corel VideoStudio Issues- Fixed

New to Corel VideoStudio. I noticed when importing an MKV file in Corel VideoStudio timeline, there’s no sound. What is going wrong? From tech support in Corel forum, I know that the problem is for all MKV files. The audio format is not supported by Corel Studio. You may need to convert the MKV file to a format that Corel VideoStudio prefers. This article shares a workaround that definitely worth your time to give it a try.

Actually, MKV as a container format is not an editor friendly format. That’s the basic reason why Corel VideoStudio can’t import MKV files correctly. In order to import MKV files to Corel VideoStudio for editing, it is necessary to convert MKV to Corel VideoStudio supported format like MPEG2. Continue reading “Importing MKV to Corel VideoStudio Issues- Fixed”