How to Fix MKV to VirtualDub Importing Issues

How can I use a mkv file as a source in VirtualDub? I’m not skilled with AviSynth, I barely understand any of it, but I assume it’s possible somehow. The codec used in the mkv is AVC, and basically I want to convert it to an xvid/avi file.

I’m running into a bit of an issue trying to get VirtualDub to load .MKV files that have their video encoded in HEVC. I have the VirtualDub .mkv filter installed and it reads and loads the file, but gives a “No Video” warning on the video frames.

We’d admit VirtualDub is a wonderful tool to help you turn your home videos into professional eye-catching movies. While it’s picky in importing videos. It can only support AVI format. If you stick with VirtualDub and want to edit MKV in VirtualDub, there are 3 possible solutions for you. Continue reading “How to Fix MKV to VirtualDub Importing Issues”