How to Import and Edit MKV in Lightworks

I just downloaded Lightworks with the hope of making some anime music videos, but I’m having trouble getting it to use my source videos. The anime in question are encoded in MKV files. From some guys’ shared tutorial, I have worked out two possible methods to edit MKV in Lightworks without hassle.

Solution 1. Use Handbrake

I’m trying to use Handbrake to turn them into an M4V or MP4 that I can use in Lightworks. I’ve tried taking them from 720P down to 480P resolution, but either way the result is the same: when I play them in Lightworks in an edit window I get sound, but the picture doesn’t move at all. And when I try to scrub back and forth, then Lightworks freezes up and I get a “Lightworks stops responding” window. Continue reading “How to Import and Edit MKV in Lightworks”