MKV No Sound? Solved Yet

Whenever playing MKV files on computer, phones, tablets or TVs, a common issue is always around us- No Sound Playing MKV Files. This article just aims to help you fast solve the MKV no sound issue. Get tips now.

First let’s look at some common issues when playing MKV files but no sound.

Q1: VLC player No sound in mkv file

I can play all kinds of files in VLC, and I wanted to watch some tv series in .mkv format, but there is no sound in each file. What can be the problem? Moreover, these files are not broken, because I can play them and have sound in other players but for VLC.

Q2: WD Media Center No sound on mkv file

Like others, I am experiencing no sound on several mkv files in WD Media Center. I feel sure it is a codec issue with the WD Media center, and until there is a update I will probably need to redo the audio on certain files. Can someone recommend a program and the correct setting to convert the audio?

Q3: Plex sound problems on MKV files

I need help with an audio problem I’m experiencing while playing MKV files with Plex. A couple mkv files give me weird static-like hissing noises and some MKV files even no sound. Playing the same files in VLC doesn’t produce the same result…

Q4: Roku no sound playing MKV

I use serviio as my DLNA server. I bought a Roku 3 specifically to play video files I download because my Sony Blu-ray player chokes about once an hour. I don’t get any sound when playing .mkv files in the Roku Media Player. Is there a fix for this?

As you see, the MKV no sound issues exist in different situations. But how do we fix it so it plays these MKV files with correct sound? What settings should I have, or what program should we run to get the sound back for MKV videos?

Well, different situations need different solutions. One common solution to MKV no sound issue is to get a video converter program like Brorsoft Video Converter to encode MKV files especially with DTS sound to a common video format with .aac, .ac3 audio, which is more acceptable by most popular media players.

Overall, it is an all-in-one video converter, player and editor. It’s capable of converting MKV to MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, AVI, 3GP, etc, and delivering high video & audio quality. For those who stick with MKV format, just by adjusting video settings, you can change audio codec like DTS to AAC, AC3, MP3 for easier playback. Plus, it also provides the optimal presets for iTunes, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Tab and more media player or devices. If you’re using a Mac, Video Converter for Mac will help you solve the MKV playback issue. Download it and learn the brief guide.

Tutorial: Convert MKV Files for Playing with Perfect Sound

Step 1. Import the MKV file by hitting add icon.

Step 2. Click Format bar and select MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV or any other format as output.

Tip: To encode MKV files with DTS audio but keep MKV format, just choose MKV as output format and then click Settings icon, you can adjust the audio codec from DTS to AAC or MP3 for easier playback.

Step 3. Finally, hit Convert to start conversion with the top MKV Converter. After the conversion, you can locate and play the new file without any sound issue.

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