Converting 4K MKV Rips to MP4 without Quality Loss

I have some H.265 MKV rips in 4K and wanna play them on my Xbox 360. So, I know what I need is a MKV converter to help me convert 4K MKV to MP4 with the best quality.

There are many converters available on the net… some free, some retail, some better than others… After tallying them all up, I found Brorsoft Video Converter (or Video Converter for Mac) stood out above the others. Continue reading “Converting 4K MKV Rips to MP4 without Quality Loss”

How to Play 4K MKV on PS4 Pro Easily

As the PS4 Pro user, you may have the confusion how to play 4K MKV on PS4 Pro. In this article we will give you some hints.

Like the previous PS4, you will be able to play videos, photos and music stored on USB storage devices and media servers with the Media Player app provided by the game console. But as we found, when play 4K MKV on PS4 Pro, the media player is pretty crap. Continue reading “How to Play 4K MKV on PS4 Pro Easily”

Stuttering/Choppy MKV Files on Amazon Fire TV- Solution

Q1: I bought a new amazon fire tv and intalled kodi and use it on my Panasonic plasma 55vt50. All online streaming movies look great, but my own mkv files 1080p 24h movies and series not. When camera movement the screen stutters.

Q2: While playing 1080 MKV files I made from my Blu-rays on Amazon Fire TV, I had an issue where it wasn’t buffering, but after a while the video/movie became choppy… Continue reading “Stuttering/Choppy MKV Files on Amazon Fire TV- Solution”

2017 Brorsoft Video Converter Thanksgiving Giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate the harvest time of the year, Brorsoft studio has launched Brorsoft Thanksgiving promotion for all of you which includes Brorsoft Video Converter (Windows & Mac) $16 off.

Everyone from everywhere can involve in this Thanksgiving software big meal and nobody will leave in vain. Don’t miss it! Continue reading “2017 Brorsoft Video Converter Thanksgiving Giveaway”

Best Software to Convert MKV DTS to AC3 5.1 Surround Sound

I have been wondering and searching the net and there doesn’t seem to be a confirmed answer on whether it is possible to convert DTS to AC3 5.1 surround sound? Thanks.

Looking for a way to convert MKV DTS to AC3 5.1 as DTS audio codec is not supported well by Plex, Roku, Gear VR most media players and devices. Now this article introduces a direct way to transcode MKV with DTS to MKV AC3 5.1. Continue reading “Best Software to Convert MKV DTS to AC3 5.1 Surround Sound”

 Play MKV Files on TCL TV from USB Drive

What USB formats will my TCL LED TV support? I tried to play MKV on TCL TV from USB with no luck. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution though! From some users’ guides shared online, I’ve worked out a proper way to watch MKV movie on TCL TV from USB with ease.

To to able to play movies on a USB device(it doesn’t matter if it’s a USB pen, a USB hard drive, etc), you will need two things: Continue reading ” Play MKV Files on TCL TV from USB Drive”

Any Way to Play HEVC MKV File on Blu-ray Player

I tried to play a .mkv file in my Bu-ray player and it worked well, I was able to activete subtitles and different audio tracks while playing. Then I tried with another MKV video (in the same container) and it didn’t work, the player just said “video format not supported.

I tried to learn something about audio and video formats and even containers and check the two MKV videos. The one that did work in Blu-ray player is H.264 encoded and the one which didn’t work is HEVC encoded. Searching further about HEVC MKV to Blu-ray Player in Google, I have some ideas. Continue reading “Any Way to Play HEVC MKV File on Blu-ray Player”

How to Play MKV Files on Apple TV 4K

If you’ve got a sizable collection of MKV files and a new Apple TV 4K, you  might have considered playing MKV on Apple TV 4K with great visual enjoyment. The process actually isn’t that complicated. Here we round up 3 possible ways to help you transfer/stream MKV files to Apple TV 4K for smooth playback.

Top 3 Ways to Play MKV on Apple TV 4K with High Quality

Continue reading “How to Play MKV Files on Apple TV 4K”

How to Fix MKV to VirtualDub Importing Issues

How can I use a mkv file as a source in VirtualDub? I’m not skilled with AviSynth, I barely understand any of it, but I assume it’s possible somehow. The codec used in the mkv is AVC, and basically I want to convert it to an xvid/avi file.

I’m running into a bit of an issue trying to get VirtualDub to load .MKV files that have their video encoded in HEVC. I have the VirtualDub .mkv filter installed and it reads and loads the file, but gives a “No Video” warning on the video frames.

We’d admit VirtualDub is a wonderful tool to help you turn your home videos into professional eye-catching movies. While it’s picky in importing videos. It can only support AVI format. If you stick with VirtualDub and want to edit MKV in VirtualDub, there are 3 possible solutions for you. Continue reading “How to Fix MKV to VirtualDub Importing Issues”

Best Free Way to Convert MKV to MP4 with Handbrake

Known to all, the MKV file format it isn’t as widely supported as some. Instead of scrambling around trying to find a piece of software to play your MKV files though, why not just convert them instead? In this guide, I’ll show you a free way to convert MKV to MP4 with Handbrake.

Some of the more common MKV files tend to come from DVD and Blu Ray movie rips, but it’s not unheard of to see them in downloaded or converted Youtube videos too. Wherever yours come from, the MP4 format is a much more widely-supported media standard that’s compatible with most modern devices, so let’s take a crack at converting your MKV to MP4 files. If you wanna a freeware Handbrake must be on your top list. Of course, you can also encode MKV to MP4 with VLC. Continue reading “Best Free Way to Convert MKV to MP4 with Handbrake”