Top 5 Free Online MKV Converter

Matroska (MKV) is an open multimedia format that isn’t exactly widely supported – even if it allows for a robust amount of data in a small package. Software-based media players like VLC might be able to play MKV files, not all times(see how to play MKV in VLC ), but household media players or portable devices like iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, iPhone, iPad, PS4 can’t handle it without first converting the file into a different format. Because of these compatibility issues, what we eagerly need is a smart MKV converter. Here we’ve put together a list of top 5 free online MKV converter, which can help you solve all the MKV incompatibility issues.

5 best and free online MKV to AVI/MP4/MOV converters: Continue reading “Top 5 Free Online MKV Converter”

What is MKV? MKV Quick Learn

Basic Info
Filename extension: .MKV
Category: Video File
Developer: Matroska

Introduction- What is MKV

A .MKV file is a Matroska video/audio multimedia file. It is a container like MOV and AVI, providing support for a huge number of different video, audio and subtitles compression formats. Its popularity is partly due to the incredible support for several subtitle formats including SRT, SSA and USF text subtitles, or VobSub streams coming directly from the DVD. Continue reading “What is MKV? MKV Quick Learn”