3 Way to Convert and Add MKV Files to iTunes

Not a fresh topic. If you use iTunes to organize and play your media, you’ve probably run into the roadblock of adding files it doesn’t support like MKV. This article covers 3 options to add and play MKV in iTunes without hassle.

So, how to trick iTunes into supporting the MKV files you want? A must way is to convert MKV to iTunes friendly MP4, MOV or M4V format. Read 3 methods below one by one and choose a one solution you prefer.

Method 1. Use VLC to Convert MKV to MP4 for iTunes – (Mac and Windows) Continue reading “3 Way to Convert and Add MKV Files to iTunes”

How to Merge/Split MKV Files Easily?

Usually we will make some recordings or download some MKV videos with some splitted clips or with a big one file. For smoothly playing and editing, we would like to join or split them. In this case, we need a software which focuses on combining or splitting MKV files easily. Now i share two software, professionalized in merging and splitting, so you can get MKV video files split or join freely as you want.

When recommending the software in this category, we take into consideration the following basic requirements:

Ease of use: convenient and precise selections, cutting out or trimming choices, keyboard shortcuts.
Performance: fast and accurate results without re-encoding videos unnecessarily.
Input formats: the more the better. Some freeware only accept one or two formats when others accept many more.
Features: some tools specialize in one job, others may allow you to split, join or trim videos within a single program. Continue reading “How to Merge/Split MKV Files Easily?”

KODI 17 Not Play MKV Files (Video/Audio Issues)- Resolved

Q1: “I have the same problem since updating to KODI 17 (screen remains black but a image is visible if i skip), but not all .mkv files are affected.”

Q2: “After upgrading to Kodi 17. I have a black screen and sound with mkv files. Older AVI files are OK. Anyone else have this Issue? What can I do?”

Searching the KODI forum, I noticed many guys are troubled in the issues when playing MKV on Kodi 17. Actually, there are a few reasons to cause the issue. One of the main reason is that the Kodi 17 doesn’t support H.265, DTS, Dolby 5.1/7.1 yet. It may make some MKV files not played on Kodi 17 properly- no audio or no image. To fast solve the trouble,a quick and easy way is to convert MKV to Kodi 17 more friendly format. Continue reading “KODI 17 Not Play MKV Files (Video/Audio Issues)- Resolved”

How to Open MKV File in After Effects Efficiently

We often see people trying to edit MKV files in After Effcts. While some guys struggle mightily. What’s the deal? Why can’t we import MKV to After Effects and edit happily away? Read on to find it out.

Based our experience and as some guys mentioned in Adobe forum, .MKV is just a container, like AVI. There are, literally, zillions of different codecs that it could be. You probably just don’t have the codec on your machine with which that particular .MKV file is encoded. A quick fix is to convert MKV to After Effects compatible file type like MPEG-2, which will save us both time and trouble, then all we need is to drag the result videos for prompt editing. Continue reading “How to Open MKV File in After Effects Efficiently”

How to Convert MKV to DivX with Perfect Video/Audio Sync

Anyways I have a crap load of MKV that I want to convert to DivX cause I am getting a DivX DVD player for Chrismas and have spent hours on the net. All the MKV to DivX conversion I found from the web always have a audio sync problem. However last week I finally found a way that everything works perfect. Belows is a full guide on how to convert MKV to DivX with perfect video/audio quality.

How to Convert MKV to Divx Format Continue reading “How to Convert MKV to DivX with Perfect Video/Audio Sync”

Unable to Play MKV on Sony TV- Solved

With a Sony TV, you can easily play some personal videos through USB external drive. However, you may find that Sony TV doesn’t support MKV files via USB port. If you have a collection of movies encoded with .MKV format, it should be converted to Sony TV more regular file format like MP4. This guide will quickly walk you through how to convert MKV to Sony TV for smooth playback from USB drive. Continue reading “Unable to Play MKV on Sony TV- Solved”

How to Convert MKV to WMV with Zero Quality Loss

I’m looking for a software to convert MKV to WMV for Xbox 360. Searching the web, I finally got one. Now share the best MKV to WMV converter in the following paragraphs.

MKV video is well-know and wildly accepted by its open source and unlimited video/audio streams holding ability. MKV also quite popular on the internet for sharing HD video content, like cartoon and anime. But the point here is many users still have needs to convert MKV to WMV on Windows for playback on Windows Media Player or MKV incompatible portable devices, like Galaxy Tab S3. Continue reading “How to Convert MKV to WMV with Zero Quality Loss”

How to Get Emby to Play MKV Media Perfectly

I was able to successfully get my Emby server running. The only issue I have now is that it doesn’t play .mkv video files. I’m assuming it’s some sort of codec/transcoding issue? I can play .mp4 video files just fine. I’m looking for a way to get Emby play MKV files beautifully.

Searching high and low, I got some clues. Most of time, Emby can decode the MKV file automatically, but MKV(MKV files are not an audio or video compression format. In reality, MKV files are actually multimedia container formats. It is a container that can incorporate audio, video, and subtitles into a single file even if they use a different type of encoding.) is so complicated that Emby would fail to decode it sometimes. Continue reading “How to Get Emby to Play MKV Media Perfectly”

Play MKV Files on Android Tablets/Phones Effectively

I’m planning on picking up an Android tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in a few hours and watch my movie files with the gadget. But from Android forum, I found many guys are having problems when play MKV on Android tablet or phone. I realized that these are fairly difficult codecs, and that a lot of Android devices won’t play MKV files out of the box. Even the 3rd-party video players(most of the popular video players for Android like VLC, Dice Player, MX Player) don’t support the codec for audio in a MKV file- DTS audio playback is problematic because of licensing issues. Continue reading “Play MKV Files on Android Tablets/Phones Effectively”

How to Run MKV Files on Philips TV Perfectly

If you have lots of MKV files and a Philips TV, you may want to play MKV files on Philips TV from USB. When you try to do this, your Philips TV may refuse to play some of these MKV files with an unhelpful audio codec error message displaying right on your screen. In this article, we aim to work out an easy solution to get Philips TV to run MKV files perfectly.

So, the point here is can Philips TV run MKV files? According to Philips official site, Philips TV can’t support MKV format. In cases like this, the easy option is to transcode MKV videos to a fully compatible format like MP4 with Philips TV. A third-party program is necessary. If you are seeking for the best video output quality, fastest video conversion speed, and the most formats supported, Brorsoft Video Converter will be your best choice. Continue reading “How to Run MKV Files on Philips TV Perfectly”