How to Compress MKV for YouTube, Vimeo Uploading

MKV format file is of better quality, but it has larger file size in return – a 1080p MKV movie of 2h is about 8G, let alone a 4K MKV video. Compressing MKV can be useful for emailing, uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc. and saving hard drive mobile devices storage. Now, in the following paragraphs, we will show you how to shrink/compress MKV with least quality loss.

To compress MKV video file without losing quality at fast compression speed, we need a professional MKV compressor. Here we recommend Brorsoft Video Converter

The high quality MKV compressor software enables you to convert & compress MKV to MP4AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, etc. 180+ much smaller-sized formats at full speed. So with this MKV compressor in hand, you can compress 4K/1080p MKV to iPhone, iPad, Android or upload MKV to YouTube, or email super fast with zero quality loss, as well. Learn how to compress video files.

How to Shrink MKV Video File Size Quickly

This MKV compressor software gives supports in resizing MKV files in any video resolution, see compressing MKV from 4K to 1080P, 1080P to 720P on both Mac and Windows PC. Download Windows version (Win 10 incl.) or Free download MKV compressor for Mac (macOS Sierra), and run it.

Step 1. Click “Add File” icon to load the MKV video movie file to compress.

Step 2. On the pop up window, you are allowed to compress MKV to MP4, AVI, MOV etc. with smaller file size from the “Output Profile” drop up menu. MKV vs MP4, MP4 format holds a good balance between file size and resolution. While MKV is a high quality video format yet of much larger size, so converting MKV to other file format is a great choice to downsize MKV video movie files.

Step 3. Press settings icon on the right after loading the MKV file to adjust video parameters to compress MKV file size. Compress MKV video 4K UHD to 1080p or lower, convert 1080p to 720. Lowering the res, frame rate and bit rate to acceptable ones helps shrink MKV file a lot.

Step 4. Click “Edit” button, you can customize your video file and compress MKV file. You can trim and cut MKV file to remove unimportant parts of your MKV video movie, crop the video to remove unwanted areas, black bars, etc.

Step 5. Click “RUN” button to start MKV compression process with no noticeable quality loss. Enjoy.

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