Best Way to Play MKV on Nokia 8 Sirocco

The Nokia 8 Sirocco is a beautiful and premium phone that competes with other flagships on many levels. However, The only problem is that its native supported video formats are limited. Many users just realized that they can’t play MKV files on Nokia 8 Sirocco. Don’t worry. Just check a solution from this article.

Nokia 8 Sirocco Supported Formats

Video – MP4, H.264
Audio – MP3, WAV, eAAC+, FLAC  Continue reading “Best Way to Play MKV on Nokia 8 Sirocco”

MKV Not Playing on Oculus Rift – Solution

Are .mkv files supported in Oculus Rift? On Gear VR they were not, how is it with Rift?

Just tried to play some of my videos on Oculus, mp4 work fine but I don’t get any audio with .mkv files. Any ideas?

We noticed many guys have confusion or issues when trying to play MKV on Oculus Rift. Actually, Oculus Video Players do not yet support AC3 or DTS audio codec. If your MKV media contains AC3 or DTS audio, it won’t be supported by Oculus player. Continue reading “MKV Not Playing on Oculus Rift – Solution”

Play MKV on Gear VR No Sound- Fixed Yet

Gear VR is your ticket to amazing new worlds – or to see parts of your own Earth that would be expensive or dangerous to travel to. I’ve got a Gear VR, enjoy it. The only weird thing is that when I used the gear VR with my S7 Edge to view MKV files, there is no sound. Did I miss something? Any solution for me play MKV on Gear VR perfectly with no sound issue?

From tech support online, I know only audio which Android supports in standard can work and that is AAC and MP3. AC3 and DTS were removed because of high licensing costs. So, if the MKV files are encoded with DTS, AC3, there would be no audio issue as I’ve met. Continue reading “Play MKV on Gear VR No Sound- Fixed Yet”

3D MKV Videos Won’t Play on PS VR – Solution

Q: There are tons of 3D MKVs out there that are side by side video. I can’t seem to get a clear answer on how to convert them so they can play back on the PSVR. I’m very new at this, so maybe converting them isn’t what is needed. I found the app called LittlStar that might work, but the files need to be converted to MP4 format. The issue is, what software should I be using to do this and what are the correct settings? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PlayStation VR brings users the next generation virtual reality gaming experience. And if you got some stunning movies like a 3D MKV file, you may also wanna enjoy it with PS VR. Whereas, it seems that it’s not easy to play 3D MKV on PS VR. If you don’t know to get PS VR to play 3D MKV movie, just read on and find solution from this article. Continue reading “3D MKV Videos Won’t Play on PS VR – Solution”