How to Convert MKV Movies to Galaxy S8 for Playback

If you are the Galaxy S8 user, you should enjoy movies on it. Because, it’s sporting a 5.8-inch widescreen and a 2960×1440 pixel resolution. Well, you may have troubles of enjoying some MKV videos on Galaxy S8, as it doesn’t support DTS encoded MKV files.

Before transferring and playing MKV videos on Samsung Galaxy S8 you may need to convert MKV video files to MP4 that support well by Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 MKV Converter– Brorsoft Video Converter will offer fast converting speed and the high output video-audio quality. Follow the guide to find best and most fantastic digital experience with your Samsung Galaxy S8. Continue reading “How to Convert MKV Movies to Galaxy S8 for Playback”

How to Get iPhone 7 (Plus) Add MKV Movies for Playing

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus become ideal for everyone who enjoys to watch videos (MKVs in particular) on their iPhone due to outstanding colours with a new powerful A10 chip. Probably the best way to enjoy that new display is to put super high-quality movies on it, right? Well.. yes but Apple still doesn’t make it easy for us when it comes to transferring .MKV to our iPhones or iPads. In this article, we quickly walk you through a way how to play MKV on iPhone 7 (Plus) with the best quality.

Actually, solution is never far behind. What you need to do is to convert MKV to iPhone 7 compatible MP4, MOV, M4V format. The process for converting MKV to iPhone is simple and won’t takes us more than 3 steps as along as you get a video converter app like Brorsoft Video Mate or Video Mate for Mac. Continue reading “How to Get iPhone 7 (Plus) Add MKV Movies for Playing”

How to Play MKV on Mi Note/Mi Note 2

Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note 2 are two popular smartphones on the market. You may own one and have good experience. However, when you want to play MKV on Mi Note/Mi Note 2, you will get frustrated. MKV doesn’t show audio on Mi Note. Now in this article, I will show you the best solution.

From its specs, we can easily find MKV is in Mi Note supported file format list. Continue reading “How to Play MKV on Mi Note/Mi Note 2”

Easy Way to Play MKV on iPad 9.7-inch (2017)

My last tablet is Amazon Fire HD. Now it has gotten old and slow. So, two months ago I started to look at new devices. Apple 9.7 Inch iPad (2017) is my final choice. Good experience until I found it’s hard to play some media files like MKV on iPad 9.7-inch (2017). I have some experience in playing MKV on Android, but not on iOS devices.

Searching Apple forum, I got some clues. The new 9.7-inch iPad (2017) can’t support MKV format as other old models, but only MP4, MOV, M4V. A fast solution is to convert MKV to iPad 9.7″ friendly format with a video converter tool. Below is how to. Continue reading “Easy Way to Play MKV on iPad 9.7-inch (2017)”

Play MKV Files on Android Tablets/Phones Effectively

I’m planning on picking up an Android tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in a few hours and watch my movie files with the gadget. But from Android forum, I found many guys are having problems when play MKV on Android tablet or phone. I realized that these are fairly difficult codecs, and that a lot of Android devices won’t play MKV files out of the box. Even the 3rd-party video players(most of the popular video players for Android like VLC, Dice Player, MX Player) don’t support the codec for audio in a MKV file- DTS audio playback is problematic because of licensing issues. Continue reading “Play MKV Files on Android Tablets/Phones Effectively”

Transfer and Play MKV(DTS) Files on Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S3 is a big entertainment in our daily life. It is convenient to transfer movies to Galaxy Tab S3 via USB for playback. Whereas, when you try to add and watch MKV on Galaxy Tab S3, you’ll find it’s very difficult to do the job. Well, can Galaxy Tab S3 play MKV files?

Well, here is my answer. If you MKV video is encoded with DTS audio, it is not supported by Galaxy Tab S3. Luckily, this problem is easy to solve – all you have to do is convert the MKV(dts) to Galaxy Tab S3 most compatible MP4 files using a third-party program. Once yo have, you can add them to Galaxy Tab S3 via USB cable easily. Continue reading “Transfer and Play MKV(DTS) Files on Galaxy Tab S3”