Best Way to Play MKV on Nokia 8 Sirocco

The Nokia 8 Sirocco is a beautiful and premium phone that competes with other flagships on many levels. However, The only problem is that its native supported video formats are limited. Many users just realized that they can’t play MKV files on Nokia 8 Sirocco. Don’t worry. Just check a solution from this article.

Nokia 8 Sirocco Supported Formats

Video – MP4, H.264
Audio – MP3, WAV, eAAC+, FLAC  Continue reading “Best Way to Play MKV on Nokia 8 Sirocco”

How to Play MKV on Sony Xperia XZ Premium

You may try your best to crack and rip Blu-ray to MKV files, so that to save the time hunting for a favorite movie among tons of discs, but you find that it’s still NOT easy to handle the MKV clips. The MKV will neither play in Android tablet or phone. Just like the Sony Xperia XZ Premium has no ability to support .mkv files. Any fix?

As we know, Sony Xperia XZ Premium has 5.46″ 4K HDR display, which is really ideal for watching movies on your trip. However, currently the Xperia XZ Premium supports very limited formats, and the MKV is one that the tab does not play. If you’d like to transfer MKV to Xperia XZ Premium for your long travel, you are advised to encode/re-encode MKV to Xperia XZ Premium friendly format MP4 in advance.  Continue reading “How to Play MKV on Sony Xperia XZ Premium”

 How to Play Torrent MKV on iPad Pro/Air/Mini

We can access many funny movies from Torrent. However, Torrent file endings are generally the .mkv, which is not supported by iPad. To solve your problem, we need to convert Torrent MKV file to a more friendly format for iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad Mini. Continue reading ” How to Play Torrent MKV on iPad Pro/Air/Mini”

Transfer and Play MKV on Google Pixel 2 XL

What do people suggest for watching movies and videos on the Pixel 2 XL (i.e. .mkv files) as I found MKV is not supported natively by the Android phone. Searching XDA Forums, VLC, MX Player Pro are recommended as they’re both great players with great features and fluid software decoding. But for playing certain DTS .MKV, HEVC MKV files on Pixel 2 XL, using a third-party video is not workable sometimes. In this case, converting all of your MKV files to Google Pixel 2 XL more friendly MP4 video would be the ultimate solution.  Continue reading “Transfer and Play MKV on Google Pixel 2 XL”

Easy Way to Transfer and Watch MKV on Amazon Fire 7

My wife is wanting to catch up on some of her TV shows and I’ve got them on my PC as MKV files. She’d rather not sit in my office at the computer desk and watch so I’m trying to figure out how I can easily transfer them to her Amazon Fire 7 to watch at her leisure. When I tried, these files in MKV are not supported by Fire 7. I’m looking for a workaround to transfer and view MKV files on Amazon Fire 7 easily. Now 2 ways shared below.

Method 1. Using 3rd-party video player like MX Player

Continue reading “Easy Way to Transfer and Watch MKV on Amazon Fire 7”

Watch MKV Movies on Surface Pro 2017

I bought a Surface Pro 2017 last month ago. Great experience. But when I playing MKV files, the .mkv files only play sound with black screen. So, my target now is to find a way to play MKV on Surface Pro 2017 without any hassle.

Searching high and low, two methods come out. First, try another MKV player app or program. I was suggested to try playing those MKV files using another app like VLC on Surface Pro. I’ve tried yet, but the issue persists.  Continue reading “Watch MKV Movies on Surface Pro 2017”

Tips Playing MKV Videos on Galaxy S9

MKV is a very popular video format which is widely used today. Nowadays, we can easily access various sorts of MKV files online for free. However, the Android device including the new Samsung Galaxy S9(S9+) doesn’t play MKV files natively. In this article, we will briefly illustrate the causes and then give some methods to help you solve the problem.

As you know MKV is a container format, not a specific type of file. Even if you installed a third-party video player like VLC on your Galaxy S9, the fill will not play normally sometimes due to the complex video/audio codec. Now I will share you with some feasible solutions to help you play MKV files on Galaxy S9 flawlessly.   Continue reading “Tips Playing MKV Videos on Galaxy S9”

How to Transfer and Play MKV Movies on iPhone 8

iPhone 8 with Super Retina display becomes ideal for everyone who enjoys watching videos MKV in particular on their phone. Well.. yes but Apple still doesn’t make it easy for us when it comes to transferring .MKV to iPhone 8. So, any quick workaround here? Okay. This post will uncover how you can play MKV files on iPhone 8 with ease.

The video formats iPhone supports are H.264, MPEG-4 in MP4, MOV and M4V. And the audio formats iPhone supports are MP3 and AAC. Very apparently, MKV files cannot be directly played on iPhone. Therefore a MKV to iPhone converter is in need to convert the MKV videos first.  Continue reading “How to Transfer and Play MKV Movies on iPhone 8”

Watch MKV Movies on Google Pixel with Best Quality

Wanna play MKV on Google Pixel (Pixel XL, Pixel C), but found neither Pixel Smart phone nor tablet can play MKV freely? Don’t be frustrated. In this post, we will show you the solutions about how to watch MKV on Google Pixel easily.

Google Pixel also has a very limited support for video formats. If you are a Pixel user you will find that Google Pixel XL (Smart phone) only can play MP4 videos and Google Pixel C (tablet) support MP4, WMV, FLV and 3GP, which means that neither Pixel Smart phone nor tablet can play MKV freely. So, how to solve the issue?  Continue reading “Watch MKV Movies on Google Pixel with Best Quality”

How to Convert MKV Movies to Galaxy S8 for Playback

If you are the Galaxy S8 user, you should enjoy movies on it. Because, it’s sporting a 5.8-inch widescreen and a 2960×1440 pixel resolution. Well, you may have troubles of enjoying some MKV videos on Galaxy S8, as it doesn’t support DTS encoded MKV files.

Before transferring and playing MKV videos on Samsung Galaxy S8 you may need to convert MKV video files to MP4 that support well by Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 MKV Converter– Brorsoft Video Converter will offer fast converting speed and the high output video-audio quality. Follow the guide to find best and most fantastic digital experience with your Samsung Galaxy S8. Continue reading “How to Convert MKV Movies to Galaxy S8 for Playback”