Converting MKV File to PS3 Format for Easy Playback

Is there anyway I can convert my MKV video files in to a supported PS3 file without losing quality or anything? Hunting everywhere I can, then I found a quick workaround to play MKV on PS3. No more talking, let’s go straight in.

First you need to download a program Brorsoft Video Converter and get it installed. Continue reading “Converting MKV File to PS3 Format for Easy Playback”

Will Xbox One X Support HEVC MKV

My question here is that does Xbox One X support HEVC MKV playback? Searching high and low, I got some clues.

Microsoft is touting the Xbox One X as a premium 4K gaming and entertainment system for the living room. In addition to offering 4K resolution gameplay, the console also boasts improved video decoding compared to the older Xbox One consoles. The Xbox One X supports 4K 60Hz HEVC (H.265), VP9, and AVC (H.264) video formats. While, it still has limit. It only supports HEVC 10-bit codec. Based on our testing, some H.265 files like in 12bit can’t play via Xbox One X properly. To get rid of the trouble, a good suggestion is to encode HEVC MKV to Xbox One X more friendly format like WMV, H.264 MP4. Continue reading “Will Xbox One X Support HEVC MKV”

How to Convert and Play MKV for Xbox 360

Can a Xbox 360 play .MKV video files?” When you get a Xbox 360, you may play some media files like MKV on it.

Well, the answer is NO. Users can’t play MKV on Xbox 360 directly. If you persist on it, there are many MKV converter tools, which can help you to convert MKV to Xbox 360 friendly H.264 MP4, WMV format. Here we highly recommend Brorsoft Video ConverterContinue reading “How to Convert and Play MKV for Xbox 360”

How to Play 4K MKV on PS4 Pro Easily

As the PS4 Pro user, you may have the confusion how to play 4K MKV on PS4 Pro. In this article we will give you some hints.

Like the previous PS4, you will be able to play videos, photos and music stored on USB storage devices and media servers with the Media Player app provided by the game console. But as we found, when play 4K MKV on PS4 Pro, the media player is pretty crap. Continue reading “How to Play 4K MKV on PS4 Pro Easily”

How to Transfer and Play Torrent MKV Movies on PS4

Have download some of your favorite movies in MKV format on Torrent and you may want to transfer them onto PS4 for playback. But the thing is, PS4 can only accepts H.264 mp4. So to speak, you will have to convert torrent MKV movies to PS4 compatible MP4 files first before enjoying.

A video converting program is needed to help you with this purpose.  Brorsoft Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac) is one of the best and most professional Torrent MKV to PS4 converter. It not only supports converting MKV, but also include AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, AVCHD, DivX, Xvid and many others. No matter the video file is downloaded from torrent, recorded with your cell phone/digital camera/camcorder, you can get them onto PS4 for enjoying. Here we include the step-by-step guide on how to download & add torrent MKV files to PlayStation 4 easily. Check it out. Continue reading “How to Transfer and Play Torrent MKV Movies on PS4”

Stream and Play MKV Files on Xbox One S Beautifully

As the successor to the Xbox One, the Xbox One S comes with the ultimate games and 4K entertainment system has become one of the hottest console in the market. For those people who have downloaded some MKV videos, you would come the idea to stream MKV to Xbox One S for watching on large screen TV. The following article will show you how to stream and play MKV files on Xbox One S from USB drive, via Plex or DLNA server…

So the point here is, can Xbox One S play MKV files directly? According to Microsoft, MKV is Xbox One S, but only some types of MKV files. If you can’t play some of your MKV files on Xbox One S, you can check if the MKV A/V codec is supported by Xbox. Learn details of Xbox One S supported MKV codec from table below. Continue reading “Stream and Play MKV Files on Xbox One S Beautifully”

MKV to PS4- Solution to PS4 Not Reading MKV Movies

Q:I was able to setup the media player to read my music, but the problem is, when I do the same thing for my movies that are all MKV files and add them to the Videos (folder) in my server under Libraries. PS4 is not able to read them. My movies play fine when in VLC player or Windows Media. Any ideas why is PS4 not reading MKV movies. Help please.

As known to all, besides playing videos games with PS4, you can also use it to enjoy movies that are saved on USB storage devices or media servers. If you have lots of MKV files and PS4 device, chances are you want to play MKV files on PS4. The point here is, when you try to do this, your PS4 may refuse to play some of these MKV files with an unhelpful audio codec error message displaying right on your screen, or the subtitles don’t appear or can’t open the files at all… Continue reading “MKV to PS4- Solution to PS4 Not Reading MKV Movies”