How to Batch Remux MKV to MP4 Easily

I have hundreds of MKV files I need to remux to MP4. AVIDemux allows me to remux any audio format to an MP4 container but I can not batch with it. Searching high and low, I got some other options. Now share with you below.

Option 1. Using OBS Remux

Try using the remux recordings option in OBS. Users can record local versions of stream as mkv so get have multiple channels of audio in the one container. Then remux them from an option within obs to mp4 for editing. Might be worth a shot.  Continue reading “How to Batch Remux MKV to MP4 Easily”

Batch Convert MPG Files to MKV without Quality Loss

Is there a tool I can use that will let me load in a folder of about 100 MPG files into a batch manager where they can be made into .MKV without making any changes to the quality of the file?

Basically I want to take the MPG file and contain it as an MKV. I want to do it in a batch where I can load a bunch of files at a time (not one by one).” Continue reading “Batch Convert MPG Files to MKV without Quality Loss”

How to Convert MKV to MXF with Original Quality

Is there a way to convert MKV to MXF format? What software I can apply?

In the event that you are in dire need to convert MKV to MXF format, you can download and install Brorsoft Videomate, which enables you to convert MKV to MXF video with least quality loss.  Continue reading “How to Convert MKV to MXF with Original Quality”

Convert YouTube MKV to MP4 with Original Quality

Downloaded 2 YouTube videos in MKV, and I wanna play it on TV. I know MKV is not a friendly format, but MP4 is. So, I’m looking for a way to convert YouTube MKV to MP4 with least quality loss.

Searching high and low, I found Brorsoft Videomate is a smart tool to finish the task.  Continue reading “Convert YouTube MKV to MP4 with Original Quality”

How to Convert MKV to ISO on Windows/Mac

 You may would like to convert MKV video and then burn it to an ISO image file. In this article, we will offer you a full guide on converting MKV to ISO on Windows or Mac. ISO is often called ISO image. As the name indicates, it is in fact an “image” of a CD or DVD. All the contents of a CD/DVD disc can be stored in a single ISO file. It is often used to share large programs online because one ISO file can contain all of the program’s files. To convert MKV to ISO, it’s easy as long as you own a professional ISO makerContinue reading “How to Convert MKV to ISO on Windows/Mac”

Converting MP4 to MKV with Zero Quality Loss

MKV files usually provide better quality in high-quality videos than MP4 video files. That’s the main reason why people need to convert MP4 to MKV format. Have no idea to complete the conversion? Read this article to go out through the trouble of converting MP4 video to MKV format.

With all-in-one video converter software -Brorsoft Video Converter or Video Converter for Mac, you will achieve the video conversion from MP4 to MKV at shortest time and maximally reserved quality. What’s more, it also can seamlessly convert other SD, HD and 4K video to MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MKV, etc. for playback on any iPhone, iPad, Android device and TVs as you want. With the built-in editor provide trim, crop, split, and merge functions for you to customize your videos.  Continue reading “Converting MP4 to MKV with Zero Quality Loss”

Tricks for Converting WMV to MKV Format

Hello, can anyone suggest me best video converter? I wanna convert WMV to MKV.

Wanna convert WMV to MKV but have on idea how to? In this article, we present a simple guide how to convert WMV to MKV quickly while keeping the original quality.

There are many converters available on the net… some free, some retail, some better than others… the following software Brorsoft Video Converter is just one I’ve tested that works well for me. Continue reading “Tricks for Converting WMV to MKV Format”

Convert MKV FLAC 5.1 to AC3/AAC 5.1 MKV/MP4

Let’s go to the point: We found some users complained that they were unable to play a MKV that had the 5.1 audio in FLAC through a HDX-1000 or play it on VLC player. Well, the article aims to tells you how to make your MKV FLAC 5.1 audio files accepted by VLC or other players like HDX-1000. If you smoothly turn the audio channel form FLAC 5.1 to AC3 5.1, You will find your MKV FLAC 5.1 recordings can be played well on VLC player. If you wanna extract your stereo audio, you can also read more.

First download the software – Brorsoft Video Converter  Continue reading “Convert MKV FLAC 5.1 to AC3/AAC 5.1 MKV/MP4”

How to Convert VOB to MKV Losslessly

I presently rip a main movie copy to .vob (the higher copy) and then convert to a .mp4 copy for remote streaming and use on the kid’s iPads (the smaller copy). I started doing this years ago and never changed as it worked then. I’ve considered converting all the .vob copies to mkv for higher quality local viewing.

For those who want a VOB alternative format which can keep higher quality, the best solution is to convert VOB to MKV with lossless quality. The article will show you how to convert VOB to MKV videos losslessly so that you can easily share the movies or play the movies on some media players. Continue reading “How to Convert VOB to MKV Losslessly”

How to Convert TS to MKV Keeping Original Quality

I have a small test file (captured from UHD and a Moto 6412) resulting in a 50MB .TS file. I’ve been trying to find a simple process to convert this to a working MKV file (1080 or 720 would be fine) for archiving purposes, but have had nearly no luck with that process. I think I need a professional TS to MKV converter.  Continue reading “How to Convert TS to MKV Keeping Original Quality”