How to Batch Remux MKV to MP4 Easily

I have hundreds of MKV files I need to remux to MP4. AVIDemux allows me to remux any audio format to an MP4 container but I can not batch with it. Searching high and low, I got some other options. Now share with you below.

Option 1. Using OBS Remux

Try using the remux recordings option in OBS. Users can record local versions of stream as mkv so get have multiple channels of audio in the one container. Then remux them from an option within obs to mp4 for editing. Might be worth a shot. 

Option 2. Using MP4Tools

If you have a Mac, MP4Tools is amazing. It offers pass through for video and audio. Or remux. Supports multiple audio and subtitle channels if you need.

Option 3. Using Brorsoft Remux

Brorsoft Video Converter not only allows users to convert a wide range of UHD 4K, HD and SD videos regardless of formatsMP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, XAVC, XAVC S, MPEG, VOB, TiVo recordings, MXF, MTS/M2TS, FLV, 3GP, 3G2, DivX, XviD, but also supports remuxing kinds of video files from MKV to MP4, MKV to MOV, MP4 to TS, MP4 to MOV… It has both Windows and Mac versions.

Steps to Batch Remux MKV to MP4 Format

Step 1. Run the MKV to MP4 remuxer, click Add button to load MKV files. You can add several files as it supports batch remuxing.

Step 2. Hit Format bar and choose Remux > MP4 Video Remux (*.mp4) as target format. This format lets you directly remux source video to MP4 format.

Step 3. Finally, start remuxing MKV to MP4 by clicking Convert button.

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