How to Add Subtitles to MKV with VLC Freely

Basically I’d like the subtitles (which I have in a separate srt file) to become part of the video(MKV) itself, so I can put my video on a USB key and watch it on another device, while still displaying the subtitles. I noticed that VLC is able to achieve the goal. So, any tips for me to add subtitles to MKV with VLC easily?

Guide: Add Subtitles to A MKV Video on VLC 

1. Open your video with the latest version of the VLC player. Right click on the video > Open with > Select VLC Media Player.

2. Select “Subtitle” from the top menu and select “Add Subtitle File”.

You can also right click on the video. Then select “Subtitle” > “Add Subtitle File”.

3. Select your subtitle file. Browse your subtitle file (.srt) of that particular video and click on the “Open” button.

4. Enjoy your video with subtitles.

A second way to add subtitles to a movie with VLC Player is to save the subtitle file in the same folder as the movie. By doing so, the subtitles should automatically appear when you start the video.

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