Watch MKV Movies on Surface Pro 2017

I bought a Surface Pro 2017 last month ago. Great experience. But when I playing MKV files, the .mkv files only play sound with black screen. So, my target now is to find a way to play MKV on Surface Pro 2017 without any hassle.

Searching high and low, two methods come out. First, try another MKV player app or program. I was suggested to try playing those MKV files using another app like VLC on Surface Pro. I’ve tried yet, but the issue persists.  Continue reading “Watch MKV Movies on Surface Pro 2017”

Extract Subtitle from MKV Using MKVExtractGUI-2

MKVExtractGUI-2 is famous as an MKV subtitle extractor, which allows you to remove subtitles from MKV videos with the help of MKVToolNix that is a piece of freeware supporting series of MKV tools including MKVExtractGUI. It is also at your disposal to extract chapters, audios and specific scenes to separate files from the original MKV clip. This open-source project is fairly simple to use, below are the steps how to extract subtitle from MKV using MKVExtractGUI-2 in detail.  Continue reading “Extract Subtitle from MKV Using MKVExtractGUI-2”

Converting MP4 to MKV with Zero Quality Loss

MKV files usually provide better quality in high-quality videos than MP4 video files. That’s the main reason why people need to convert MP4 to MKV format. Have no idea to complete the conversion? Read this article to go out through the trouble of converting MP4 video to MKV format.

With all-in-one video converter software -Brorsoft Video Converter or Video Converter for Mac, you will achieve the video conversion from MP4 to MKV at shortest time and maximally reserved quality. What’s more, it also can seamlessly convert other SD, HD and 4K video to MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MKV, etc. for playback on any iPhone, iPad, Android device and TVs as you want. With the built-in editor provide trim, crop, split, and merge functions for you to customize your videos.  Continue reading “Converting MP4 to MKV with Zero Quality Loss”

Tips Playing MKV Videos on Galaxy S9

MKV is a very popular video format which is widely used today. Nowadays, we can easily access various sorts of MKV files online for free. However, the Android device including the new Samsung Galaxy S9(S9+) doesn’t play MKV files natively. In this article, we will briefly illustrate the causes and then give some methods to help you solve the problem.

As you know MKV is a container format, not a specific type of file. Even if you installed a third-party video player like VLC on your Galaxy S9, the fill will not play normally sometimes due to the complex video/audio codec. Now I will share you with some feasible solutions to help you play MKV files on Galaxy S9 flawlessly.   Continue reading “Tips Playing MKV Videos on Galaxy S9”

MKV Files Not Importing/Playing on JRiver Media Center – Fixed

MKV is a supported video format for JRiver Media Center although, there are still many users who have difficulties in playing MKV via JRiver Media Center. This article will talk about the main reason and share a solution to view MKV files on JRiver Media Center with ease. Continue reading “MKV Files Not Importing/Playing on JRiver Media Center – Fixed”

MKV Not Playing on Oculus Rift – Solution

Are .mkv files supported in Oculus Rift? On Gear VR they were not, how is it with Rift?

Just tried to play some of my videos on Oculus, mp4 work fine but I don’t get any audio with .mkv files. Any ideas?

We noticed many guys have confusion or issues when trying to play MKV on Oculus Rift. Actually, Oculus Video Players do not yet support AC3 or DTS audio codec. If your MKV media contains AC3 or DTS audio, it won’t be supported by Oculus player. Continue reading “MKV Not Playing on Oculus Rift – Solution”

How to Import and Edit MKV in Lightworks

I just downloaded Lightworks with the hope of making some anime music videos, but I’m having trouble getting it to use my source videos. The anime in question are encoded in MKV files. From some guys’ shared tutorial, I have worked out two possible methods to edit MKV in Lightworks without hassle.

Solution 1. Use Handbrake

I’m trying to use Handbrake to turn them into an M4V or MP4 that I can use in Lightworks. I’ve tried taking them from 720P down to 480P resolution, but either way the result is the same: when I play them in Lightworks in an edit window I get sound, but the picture doesn’t move at all. And when I try to scrub back and forth, then Lightworks freezes up and I get a “Lightworks stops responding” window. Continue reading “How to Import and Edit MKV in Lightworks”

How to Upload Large MKV File onto YouTube

Got some Blu-ray rips in MKV and wanna upload MKV to YouTube to share with more guys? In this article, we will present a simple guide to teach you how to.

MKV files are usually high quality videos compressed within a Mastroska container format and typically you’ll encounter these with Blu-ray rips or video exported from an HD stream. Generally speaking, YouTube can’t accept MKV. So, in order to upload MKV to YouTube, the first thing you need to do is to encode MKV to YouTube supported video formats. What’s more, to add MKV files to YouTube for displaying correctly, we also need to set the proper video resolution, frame rate… Brorsoft Video Converter is the recommended utility to fulfill the task.  Continue reading “How to Upload Large MKV File onto YouTube”

Convert MKV to H.264 MP4 for TV Playback

Got some MKV files and wanna share them on TV screen with my families. What I need now is a utility to prepare the MKV files and choose a H.264 MP4 for TV playback.

After multiple testing, I have used Brorsoft Video Converter to do just that. I encode my MKV files to H.264 MP4 for TV. It works just fine. The program is the best MKV converter. With it, you can effortlessly transcode MKV to MP4, which will create a Panasonic/Sony/LG/Samsung TV friendly file format keeping the original quality. For Mac users, turn to Video Converter for Mac. Just download it and follow the tutorial below to get the work done.

Convert/Transfer MKV to TV  for Smooth Playback

Step 1: Add MKV video files

Install and launch the MKV converter and load source H.264 clips to it. You can batch convert multiple video clips as you want.

Step 2: Choose output format

Click the “Format” drop-down button to select your TV compatible video. You can easily choose a decent profile for example “SONY TV (*.mp4)” from TVs profile list.

Tip – Profile Settings:

In case the default settings do not fit your requirement, you can click “Settings” button and enter “Profile Settings” panel to adjust video size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channels.

Step 3: Start MKV video conversion

Click “Convert” button to start encoding MKV to MP4 for playing on TV with the best quality.

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Tricks for Converting WMV to MKV Format

Hello, can anyone suggest me best video converter? I wanna convert WMV to MKV.

Wanna convert WMV to MKV but have on idea how to? In this article, we present a simple guide how to convert WMV to MKV quickly while keeping the original quality.

There are many converters available on the net… some free, some retail, some better than others… the following software Brorsoft Video Converter is just one I’ve tested that works well for me.

This video converter is professionalized in converting any kinds of video files. You will realize the conversion from WMV to MKV in a short time and still maintain the excellent quality. In the process of converting your WMV video files into MKV format, you can edit your video according to your needs. You can trim the frame size, add watermark, load subtitle in the movie, and adjust the video visual effect as you like. By the way, Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac is strongly recommended to who want to encode WMV to MKV on Mac(High Sierra included).

Main features:
– Convert 250+ Video and Audio Formats
It supports more than 70 input formats and up to 250+ output file format. Supported output video and audio formats include MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, XAVC, XAVC S, MPEG, VOB, TiVo recordings, MXF, MTS/M2TS, FLV, 3GP, 3G2, DivX, XviD, MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, AC3, M4A and more.

– Support Most of Mobile Devices/Game Consoles
Brorsoft Video Converter supports 150+ presets for popular devices like the iPhone (including iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6), iPad, Android devices, Windows-based tablets and game console, etc. This video to devices converter will change video to the correct sizes and formats for your devices and other media players.

– Enjoy High Fidelity HEVC/H.265 Video
It supports decoding Samsung camera H.265 and other H.265 source files for playing, editing and sharing, encode other files like H.264 to H.265 MP4/MKV for better streaming, playing and storage

– Personalize Videos before Conversion
Brorsoft Video Converter also comes with a built-in video editor, with which, you can personalize and retouch your videos in clicks. Trim video into smaller segments; brand your video by embedding a watermark; importing subtitle files in .srt or .sst format to convert with any format video files; Remove unwanted objects from video.

– 30X Faster Conversion, Zero Quality Loss
With the new optimized acceleration technology, the super speed video conversion now is 30X faster than before and surpasses most regular video converters. Besides, it converts any video and audio formats with extremely high speed and at the same time it will not compress the output quality.

Steps to convert WMV to MKV losslessly

Step 1. Load WMV files

Run the best WMV file converter and then click Add button to import .wmv files for conversion. (For time and energe concern, you are advised to use the first option).

Step 2. Choose MKV as the output video format

Choose “MKV” as the output format from “Profile” > “Common Video” as the output format. If you’d like to generate HD MKV videos, you can select ” HD Video” > “MKV”. Then you can click “Setting…” to tweak the detailed video and audio encoding settings. In principle, the larger input values, the better output quality, but the corresponding larger file size.

Step 3. Start converting WMV to MKV videos

After all settings done, click “Convert” to begin converting your WMV files to MKV files.

Once the conversion finished, click “Open” to get the converted WMV video files, then play and share them anywhere you like!

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